TRIO Chronos is the only “all in one” solution for ultra–precise timing measurements in the min­ing and explosives industry


Trio Chronos is a high precision, portable digital chronometric device, used for determining the delay accuracy of electric and non–electric detonators, fuse-heads, impact fuses, detonating relays and trunk-line delay connectors. Trio Chronos also measures the detonation velocity of explosives, detonating cords and shock–tubes.


The device is suitable for use in the production and testing of explosives and initiating means in the explosives and military industry and in mining. The electronic unit of Trio Chronos, is placed in a rugged Peli case, thus making it suitable for both indoor and field use.


Trio Chronos features an extremely high precision timer with microseconds accuracy and input channels that can be triggered by a piezoelectric sensor, photo–sensor, wire burst and optical fibre signals. All the necessary sensors with associated cables and transducers are included.
To initiate electric blasting caps (EBCs) and fuse–heads, the device features a built-generator of a continuous current (firing impulse) that can be adjusted both in terms of duration and intensity. To check the resistance of EBCs and fuse-heads, the device has a built–in ohmmeter that is capable
of zeroing the resistance of connecting cables. Although the device works as a standalone system, the output connectors that forward or amplify signals from the sensors and firing impulse generator, allow the system to be connected to an oscilloscope. The device has four methods used for measurement, the option depending on the object of measurement and combination of sensors
used. System setup and display of measurement results is provided over the LCD display. In addition to this, after each measurement is carried out, the results are automatically sent to the built-in serial port. The simple format of the data allows logging to a computer for further statistical analysis and data storage.
It is also possible to directly connect to a printer using a RS232 cable.

General purpose

Electric detonator test

Electric detonator test

Delay accuracy measurement

Delay accuracy test

VoD measurement

VoD measurement

Shock tube testing

Shock tube testing

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Trio Chronos has numerous built-in safety features to prevent an accidental activation of the EBC.
To mention a few: The firing circuit is internally disconnected from the EBC and can get connected only if the fire button is held down for more than one second.
Even then, one has to hold the fire button one second further in order to fire. In the case of the method of measurement not requiring the firing ability, the firing function is fully disabled.
The ohmmeter circuitry is constructed in such a manner that even in a possible worst case
scenario of a malfunction occurring, the maximum ohmmeter measuring current can not exceed 2,0 mA, thus making it absolutely safe for any type of blasting cap.

Trio Chronos caseTrio Chronos connected to a lap-top computerTrio Chronos sensors
Trio Chronos Technical Characteristics
Power supply 220 V, 50Hz or 110 V, 60 Hz
piezo–electric sensor (possible adjusting of the sensitivity)
wire–burst (start and stop)
optical fibers
Outputs for oscilloscope:
Firing impulse signal
Signal from piezo–sensor (amplified)
Signal from photo–sensor (forwarded)
Firing impulse
Amperage 500 mA — 6 A (adjustable)
Accuracy better than 1 %
Duration 0,5 — 20 ms (adjustable)
Voltage up to 45 V
Measuring range 0,0 — 19,99 Ω
Measuring accuracy 0,1 Ω
Functions zeroing, resetting
Display monochromatic, 4 x 20 characters
PC interface RS232, DB9 female connector
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