Trio Electronics specializes in development, production and sales of electronic equipment for the mining, blasting and defense industry. With more than than 20 years of experience, we produce blasting machines, mining ohmmeters, minefield surge protectors and measuring equipment. Guided by the motto: SAFE, SIMPLE, RELIABLE – Our mission is to develop competitively priced electronic products of the highest quality, for the wide range of mining operations and for the producers of explosives and initiating means.


When it comes to mining, first thing that comes to mind is safety. That is why we at Trio always pay special attention and put your safety first when developing our devices. We introduced numerous safety techniques, which will give you additional confidence when working in risky environments.


We all know that you don’t get second chances in blasting. When you are in the field, we want you to concentrate on completing the job successfully, and not worrying or doubting your equipment. That is why we have developed our devices to be light, compact and as simple as possible.


Our devices are literally indestructible and virtually maintenance free. Unless they are run over by an excavator or dumper; replacing the battery on rare occasions is the only maintenance that our products require.

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